The Myth of Gabalanooksie


The Myth of Gabalanooksie by Elena Bolster

Gaballanooksie sees cruelty and kindness, feels your heart, feels you use it, thump, bum bum. If 
you don’t, Gaballanooksie feels it lying lonely, flat, hears it call to him.

The Myth of Gabalanooksie is a universal story aimed at children and their parents/carers and looks at what happens when we are forced to face our worst fears, particularly during times of stress or trauma.  Focusing particularly on how fear is  formed and encountered during childhood and based on early anxieties such as fear of the dark, The Myth of Gabalanooksie is an opportunity for children to explore fear and its impact and ultimately make sense of it by embarking on a magical journey that demystifies it.

We are pleased to announce that we will be working alongside Dr Colette Hirsch, a leading researcher in psychology and a senior lecturer at Kings College in order to develop a series of practical workshop for young children who struggle with fear and anxiety in order to help them find coping mechanisms and ways to overcome them.


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