Research & Development

The Sky’s the limit when it comes to UNTitled’s approach to story telling and we are constantly exploring the possibilities of the work we are making, testing the material and allowing it to surprise us and lead us down new paths. Our research and development is one of the most important aspects in our process and we try to give the material time to live, breath and change shape, both practically and through the text.  We work very closely with movement directors, film makers, sound designers, artists and specialists from other industries to inform the work at the beginning of the process in order to test and define the direction and ensure it is rigorously researched and informed.

decor,interior,design,lamp,lightbulbs,lights-90fb9f07d0a739e5134cfde536c06cc4_hWORK UNDER DEVELOPMENT IN 2014

The Everyday Sexism Project
In collaboration with Laura Bates

The Myth of Gabalanooksie
by Elena Bolster