In Your Bed

In Your BedIn association with 9libraries100books, Lambeth Libraries, award winning playwright Elena Bolster and illustrator Emma Shoard,  UNTitled Theatre  launches a new commission to celebrate World Book Night and promote community libraries and their books.

In Your Bed is a series of site specific theatrical experiences based on the principles of hypnosis.  Elena Bolster has created five short stories for your bed that will unlock the surreal world of your dreams. Created to stimulate and focus your journeys through the night, Night Fruits, recorded by Icelandic actress Melkorka Oskarsdottir will send you into a deep sleep where ‘fantasy takes the form of dreams.’   This series will be continuing with more writers and illustrators to get their take on bed time stories and the way they affect our sleep.

Click on the illustrations from co-collaborator Emma Shoard to download the stories and listen to them last thing at nightin your bed.

Where will you be going tonight?

Night Fruits

I am the last thing in your waking night
listen to me softly
fall open to sleep

smooth space wheel time
sculpt sound mould tides
and weigh nought

i am the first thing in your sleeping flight
softly to me listen
sleep is fallen open

Night 1

Night One World Book Night

Night 2

Night Fruits - Night 2

Night 3

Night Fruits - Night 4

Night 4

Night Fruits - Night 3

Night 5

Night 5