About UNTitled Theatre


UNTitled Theatre is a London based, touring theatre company that creates challenging and exciting contemporary theatre that is informed by the debates that matter to us and our audiences. Both nationally and internationally, personally and politically. UNTitled believes in the theatrical experience as one that provides food for the soul, we make magical and entertaining performance that brings people together regardless of their age, sexuality and economic background. Breaking down barriers with what is often difficult and complex subject matter and inspiring and surprising audiences with bold and challenging stories.

We forge working relationships over a sustained period of time with associate artists such as writers, illustrators, composers, filmmakers and movement directors in order to unearth and develop a common performance language within the company. We play, work, fail and flourish together which enables us to make dangerous, brave and evolved work.

We establish strong associations with charities / NGO’s and individuals including campaigners, lawyers and medical practitioners etc collaborating with them in order to make socially and politically engaged work that helps reach educational and participatory aims, making a difference with the work we make and promoting positive social change.

UNTitled is a company dedicated to making work across the UK. It is important to us to look beyond our immediate horizons and venture further afield seeking out audiences and engaging in debate. Reaching out across the UK helps us make work that is reflective of diverse communities and at the same time ensures the experience of touring informs the work that we do in the future.  We continue to be drawn to the challenge of working in the confines of non theatre spaces and try to make our work defy those limitations by creating pieces that are epic and ambitious and can transcend the walls of the theatre.

“An emotionally engaging and profoundly moving piece of theatre.”  WHAT’S ON STAGE

“It is simply beautiful.”  ONE STOP ARTS

“This show is more than just two stunning performances… It is a convergence of excellence, throughout the creative team.”  THE PUBLIC REVIEW