UNTitled Theatre Receives Arts Council Funding for The Everyday Sexism Project

UNTitled Theatre is delighted to announce that Arts Council England has chosen to support our R&D for The Everyday Sexism Project.  This means we can continue our work with young people, teachers, organisations and specialists in order to research and develop a ground breaking production in collaboration with Laura Bates, Suhayla El Bashra, Arc Stockton and Ovalhouse for a schools and venues tour in 2014.  This support will enable UNTitled to visit more schools in order to hear first hand from young people about their experiences of sexism and work with those who are leading the debate on better sex/ relationship education in schools as well as those who work with vulnerable young people who have been victims of peer on peer and gang sexual violence. This investment will result in a touring workshop for schools that explores sexism and the debates surrounding sex / relationship education. The project will culminate in the development of a rehearsal ready script that will be informed by the work we do during the R&D.
This is the first time that UNTitled Theatre has received Arts Council funding and this endorsement of the company and for this project in particular offers a welcome opportunity to widen the range of our work across the UK.